jenell boris

Jenell Boris

I have been practicing aesthetics since 2002 and massage therapy since 2009. I was originally trained at The Florida College of Natural Health in skin care and continued my education to become a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist. I work exclusives with organic and biodynamic products in all of my services because I see on a daily basis how the body ingests everything that is put on it. The skin is the largest organ in the body and will absorb and process all extrinsic elements. Therefore, it is important for me to know that everything I am doing for the body is helping, not harming the body. I am passionate about skin care and believe that everything we need to look and feel beautiful can be found in the natural world.

I also believe that anti aging treatments do not have to be a painful or uncomfortable experience. I am able to offer intensive skin care procedures in a calm, peaceful setting without irritating or damaging the tissue. If you have not experienced the organic difference, I strongly recommend that you see me for a service of your choice so that you can see for yourself just how beautiful your skin can be. Because the products I use are free of chemicals, pesticides and fragrance all of my services are ideal for people with sensitive skin or while pregnant or nursing. Chemicals also cause free radical damage which ages the skin and breaks down the tissue. If you are using a heavy chemical line to take care of your skin, you are actually doing free radical damage to the cells every time you apply them. By using organic and biodynamic products, I am able to infuse the skin with intensive antioxidants to neutralize free radical damage which will make your skin look and act younger. We live in a country that is saturated in chemicals and toxins, but we have a choice in what we put on our bodies. Feed your skin well! I will teach you how.