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Signature Services

Eminence Organic Skin Care is used in all of my Traditional Services. These luxurious skin care products are hand made in Hungary and have extraordinary antioxidant properties which neutralize free radical damage in the skin encouraging it to look and act younger. I believe that when the sprit, body and mind work together in harmony a radiant beauty glows from within. Using the finest organic fruits, medicinal herbs and cold pressed nut oils, I am able to give a luxurious skin care experience like no other. Each treatment is personalized to meet your particular needs at that moment in time and all of the techniques performed are designed to assist the body in its own rejuvenation and detoxification process while allowing for optimal cellular regeneration and enjoyment. Welcome into a state of relaxation and renewal.


Zen Facial - 90 minutes | $125

This is my signature facial. It begins with a gentle cleansing followed by a thorough exfoliating treatment best suited for you skin type. A custom blended masque is then massaged into the skin using specifically chosen massage techniques to tighten and tone the skin while incorporating lymphatic drainage to diminish inflammation in the tissue. Two different hand blended masques are applied to detoxify the skin and stimulate collagen production while you enjoy a relaxing hand massage and a hot towel foot treatment with reflexology. This is the ultimate facial that you have heard about!


Luxury Facial - 70 minutes | $95

This customized facial consists of a gentle cleansing followed by an exfoliating treatment to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and diminish fine lines. It is followed by a facial massage sequence and the application of a specifically chosen masque for your particular skin needs. The service is finished with an age defying moisturizer and a hand treatment.


Neck & Decollete Treatment | $25

Often neglected, the chest area can reveal your true age. Using fresh apples, grapes and lactic acid, the skin is gently exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and diminish discoloration due to sun damage. A hydrating masque is then massaged into the skin to assist in product penetration. The treatment is finished with the application of a hypo-hydrating serum and a custom blended moisturizer. This additional treatment can be added to the Luxury Facial or the Zen Facial.


Deep Pore Cleansing Facial - 90 minutes | $125

Extractions are never a pleasant experience, but when the skin is properly exfoliated and hydrated your pores are more willing to let go of impactions. This facial was created for acne prone skin that needs a deeper level of cleansing. Specifically chosen hand blended masques are applied after the extraction procedure to sanitize the pores and heal the skin. High Frequency may be incorporated to destroy bacteria inside the pore and a second masque is applied to calm and moisturize the skin. This facial is just as relaxing as it is healing and incorporates an intensive hand treatment and hot towel foot treatment.


Prenatal Facial - 90 minutes | $135

While you are pregnant, you are limited to the types of body services you should receive. Because I use exclusively organic products, there is no risk of subjecting your babies environment to any chemicals, irritants or hormone disruptors. I am also trained in reflexology so that I am able to avoid certain reflex points on the body that could compromise the stability of your baby. I am able to customize the table so that you are comfortable for the duration of the treatment and this is a favorite service of my clients while they have been pregnant. Intensive skin care procedures will be performed to balance any hormonal conditions and keep your skin healthy and hydrated throughout your pregnancy. How wonderful to forget about your body for 90 minutes of bliss!


Gentleman's Facial Massage - 90 minutes | $125

This treatment is designed for optimal relaxation and incorporates intensive facial massage techniques in addition to extensive neck and shoulder work. This treatment is far more relaxing than a full body massage and my male clients love it! Hot towel compresses on the face and chest soften tight muscles and open the pores for deeper product penetration while specifically chosen masques are massaged into the skin. This treatment also includes a hand massage and a hot towel foot treatment with Reflexology. You will look and feel amazing and I will probably have to pour you off the table!


Ultimate Full Body Experience - 120 minutes | $175

The best of both worlds! This luxurious two hour treatment is best suited for those who crave a prolonged relaxation services. The treatment begins with a full body massage using the finest hand blended organic nut oils and incorporates Swedish, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu techniques. A hot towel foot treatment then moves the service into the Luxury Facial with extensive neck and shoulder work. Full body detoxification plus deep relaxation make this the ultimate full body indulgence. Experience intensive skin care for the entire face and body.


70 Minute Full Body Massage | $95

Each massage is customized using a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu techniques to relax the body, loosen tight muscles and bring the body back into balance while assisting the lymphatic system in eliminating toxins. Energy work such as Reiki, Polarity or Qigong may be incorporated if needed and different modalities may be required at different times depending upon your constitution. Hand blended organic cold pressed nut oils will be used to soften and nourish the skin. Upon your arrival a detailed discussion will take place so that I am sure as to what type of body work you crave and are in need of.


90 Minute Full Body Massage | $110

This customized massage allows for more detailed work. I am able to spend more time isolating muscles and focusing on the more delicate muscles in the hands and feet. This massage incorporates a hot towel foot treatment with Reflexology in addition to all of the specifically chosen body work in the 70 minute massage. This is my personal favorite and you will leave my table with a sense of completion, wholeness and a slight sense of intoxication.

120 Minute Full Body Massage | $150
Brow Sculpting | $15

Not all brow waxes are the same. Your brow is a frame for your eyes and care should be taken when shaping to compliment the shape of the eye. I use an organic honey based wax that has a lower melting temperature then conventional resin wax so it is a less painful experience and there will be less post wax redness. High Frequency may be used if you have a tendency to break out after waxing and I always apply a pigment inhibiting moisturizer with SPF.

Lip $10 | Chin $5 | Full Face $35


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